Rhode Scholars


MURRAY, Reginald Myrie

( Worcester ). b. March 1883. Educ. Jamaica H.S.
Hon. Mods. (Maths) 2nd Cl. Maths. (F.H.S.) B.A. 3rd Cl. Teaching,
Jamaica College 1907-17. Headmaster , Jamaica College 1933-42. M.B.E. (Mil.)
d.October 1963.

WORLEY, Hugh Eames

( Exeter ). b. 21 July 1888 . Educ. Jamaica College . Hist.
B.A. 2nd Cl. Teaching, England . d. June 1958.

MANLEY, Norman Washington (The Hon.; Q.C.)

(Jesus) b. 4 July 1893 . Educ. Jamaica College .
B.C.L. 2nd B.A. (War) Called to the Bar (Cert. of Honour) England 1921.
Practice of Law Jamaica 1922-. Chief Minister of Jamaica 1955-59.
Premier, 1959-62. Hon. Fellow ofJesusCollege 1958. d.2 September 1969

MORALES, Charles McLarty

(Oriel). b. 4 April 1895 . Educ. Jamaica College .
Hist. B.A. 3rd Cl. Dip. Ed. Grn. R.G.A. Insp. of School 1922-24. Examiner
. Asst. Dir. Of Education 1944-50. Acting Dep. Dir. 1948-50.

DICKENSON, Walter Norman (Dr.)

(Pembroke). b. 25 December 1897 . Educ.Jamaica College .
Physiol. B.A. 3rd Cl. B.M., B. Ch., M.A. Hospital appointments
inLondon 1927-9. Med.Practice,Jamaica 1929-.

Newton (The Hon.)
( Lincoln ). b. 2 November 1903. Educ. Jamaica College.
Read Law. Practice Law, Jamaica 1926-. Vice Pres. People’s National Party.
Mem. House of Representatives 1949. Minister of Finance, 1955.
d. 17 March 1959.

LINDO, Henry Lawrence (Sir)

(Keble).b. 13 August 1911 . Educ. Jamaica College.
English Lang. And Lit. 3rd Cl. Insp. of Schools 1935-43. Asst. Information
Officer. Jamaica 1939-433 Secretariat, Jamaica 1943-52. Administrator,
Dominica, 1952-59. Acting Governor, Windward Islands 1957 and 1959.
Governor’s Sec., Jamaica 1960-62.High Commissioner for Jamaica in London
1962-74. Amb. To Paris 1966-74. Amb. To Federal Republic of Germany
1967-70. d. May 1980.

Richmond Harold ( Worcester ). b. 12 May 1915. Educ. Jamaica College.
Pass Degree 1938, B.A., M.A. Ed., Public Opinion 1939-42.
Founder and Headmaster, The Priory School 1944. Chairman, Little Theatre Movement,
Education Assistance Grants Committee, T.V. Committee of JBC, Vice
Chairman, Education Advisory Committee.
Roy Denton Keith (Dr.)(St. John’s).b.2 April 1919. Educ. Jamaica College. B.A., B.M., B.Ch., L.M.C.C., M.A., C.C.F.P., M.R.C.P. Med. Practice, Jamaica 1948-74. Asst. Prof. Of Medicine, Dept. of Family Medicine, McMaster University Medical Centre, Ontario 1974. Council Mem. B.M.A. (Jamaica) 1958-59. Commander, Order of St. John of Jerusalem 1961. Order of St. John Knight of Grace 1971. Pres. Med. Association of Jamaica 1960. Chairman, Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme 1960-71. Pres. Rotary Club of Kingston 1964-65. Chairman, Jamaica/B.M.A. Medical Congress 1974.
ELLINGTON, Eric Vivian (Dr.)
(Hertford).b. 14 September 1923 . Educ. Jamaica College.
Chem. (Pt. 1) 1949 Authentics.Sen. Sci. Master and Housemaster,
Jamaica College 1949-53. Reasearch Fellow in Chem., Univ. Coll. Of W.I.
1953. Carnegie Research Fellowship, Trinity Hall, Camb. 1947-48. Ph. D. (Lond.)
1958. Lect., Univ. Coll. Of W.I.: Dept. of Biochem. 1960; Sen. Lect. Dept. Biochem.
1975-; Vice-Dean, Faculty of Medicine 1978-; Sec. Jamaican and British
Caribbean Rhodes Scholp. 1972.d. 1985.
HALL, Stuart Henry McPhail
(Merton).b. 3 February 1932 . 2nd Cl. Eng. Lang.
And Lit., Research for D. Phil.; L.T. for Univ. Ed., New Left Review
1960-61.Chelsea College of Science, Univ. of London, Dept. of Humanities, Lect.
1962-64.Birmingham Univ. School of English: Research Fellow, Centre for Contemp. Cult.
Studies 1965; Asst. to Director 1966; Dep. Dir 1968; Acting Dir. 1970; Dir.
1970.Pres. O.U.W. Soc. Teaching in London; Prof of Sociology, Open Univ.-
CARNEGIE, Arthur Ralph (Prof.)
(Jesus).b. 11 June 1936 . Educ. Jamaica College;
Univ.Coll. Of the W. Indies 1956-59; Univ. London (Univ.Coll.) B.A. 1960.
Jurispr. 1st Cl. M.A. Fellow and tutor in Law, Jesus 1964-70. Barrister-at-law (Gray’s Inn)
1965. Prf. Of Law, UWI 1970-. Visiting Scholar, Yale Law School 1980-81.
ABRAHAMS, Eric Anothy Hudson
(St. Peter’s).b. 5 May 1940 . Educ. Jamaica College;
Univ. Coll. of the W. Indies, B.A. 1961. Read Law. Pres. of
The Oxford Union 1964-65. Dir., Jamaica Tourist Board.
FLETCHER, Richard Douglas
( Exeter ).b. 30 December 1943.Educ.Jamaica College ;
m Univ. Coll. Of the W. Indies, B.Sc. 1963. (Scholp. Back dates to
1964). Jurispr. 2nd Cl. Read for B. Phil.; Nuffield 1965-68, B.A., B. Phil.Int.
Bank for Reconstruction and Development 1965-72. Special Asst. to PM of
Jamaica 1972-73. Chmn., Sugar Industry Authority of Jamaica 1973-76.
Minister of State fr Planning 1977-80. Dep. Mgr., Econ. Integration, Int.
Development Bank 1980-.
FRANKSON, Geoffrey Boyce
( Keble ).b: 1945 , Educ Jamaica College 1959-1964 ;
, St. John’s College, Belize 1964-5 Belize National Scholar, 1965;
MBBS (UWI), 1970 (Gold medal; Honours in Obstetrics and Gynaecology);
BA(Hons) in Human Sciences, Oxford University, UK., 1973;
Post graduate research, Oxford, 1974 1975; MA(Oxon), 1983
MORRISON, Cecil Dennis Harrington
(Balliol).b. 4 December 1950.Educ. Jamaica College ; Wolmers;
Univ. of the W. Indies; Norman Manley Law School ,
B.A., L.L.B. admitted to practice 1975. Practice of Law 1977-. Tutor,
NormanManleyLawSchool 1978-1982. Associate Tutor, 1982-.
McKENZIE, Colin Andrew McKenzie (Dr.)
b.22 August 1967 Degrees; MBBS Honors, Dphil (GreenCollege)